Mother’s Day



**REMINDER** Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday on May 11th. Don’t forget to show your mother respect and thanks for what she has done. There are many ways to show your thanks. Some people have conflict with originality, but don’t worry because she’ll still be thankful for what you have done. If you’re lost with what to do here are a few ideas. You can get her a Mother’s Day card and write a little note to her inside. Try to make it as emotional as possible so you can try to get a few tears. Instead of a card, you can write her a letter thanking her for what she has done for you. Another idea is to buy her flowers. If you don’t know her favorite type of flower, roses will do the job. Another gift to mom is a poem that you can write for her. This can help with the conflict of originality because it should be coming from your heart, unless, you just print one off of the internet. I’ll give an example of a poem, which I wrote for my mother at the end. And finally, where this actually relates to my blog, you can give her breakfast in bed. You can do a classical breakfast. This classical breakfast includes fluffy eggs, toast, sausage links, pancakes with a slice of butter covered in maple syrup, a fruit bowl, and orange juice. This can give her a great start to the day so you guys can have fun and give thanks to your mother. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is all about your mother and not yourself. And here is my poem for my mother.

Mother Poem

I know a beautiful woman.

This woman is strong without a doubt.

She may seem average,

But she is no ordinary person.

She is tall and curved in all the right places.

She can be evil at times,

But she will always be fair.

People can describe her as a person you shouldn’t mess with.

That’s because she is known to be dangerous.

This woman is sweet and outrageously funny.

She may be foolish,

But she is the wisest person I know.

She is the most loving and adoring person I know.

I know a beautiful woman.

This woman is my mother.

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P.S If you’re a student at my high school, there is a Mother’s Day sale during all lunch shifts. They are selling gifts for Mother’s Day which you can give to your mom. All you need is $5.


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