Trinidad & Tobago!!!

My while family is from Trinidad & Tobago. After most of my family came to live in America they brought their culture along with them into a new world. However, my family wasn’t the only ones to do so. If you were to go the city I was born and raised in, Brooklyn, New York, you would see many different stores selling the types of food that my family cooked and ate within their country. One of my favorite dishes from Trinidad along with my family is doubles.

Throughout my years in life so far I’ve come to realize that doubles is a weird name for a dish. The name of a dish usually describes or gives you an idea of what you’re going to eat. However, the name doubles doesn’t justify what you’re eating. When I first had doubles I didn’t know what to expect. It was just a weird name to give a dish.

Doubles is one of the top ten favorite dishes in Trinidad & Tobago according to As my family says it, “It’s deh best.” Yes I noticed that I didn’t say the. That is because there is an accent to it so the pronunciation would obviously be different.

Doubles is made out of two pieces of bara bread stuffed with channa. Another word for channa that you are used to is chick peas. The channa that is stuffed in between the bara bread is curried. It’s not dry or too runny but it’s rather moist. After the channa is stuffed into the two pieces of bara bread you can choose to add a spoonful of tamarind sauce or mango with pepper. If you’re a newcomer to Caribbean food I would recommend a spoonful of tamarind. If you’re a really daring person then by all means you should jump right in and try that spoonful of mangoes with pepper. All I have to say is good luck.

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