Let’s Talk About RICE!!!

Let’s talk about rice people. Rice is the basis of life. Most of the time rice is in every dish worldwide. For example, rice is in Akki Rotti from India. Another example is rice in Arroz Caldo from the Philippines. There are many more countries where rice is part of most of their dishes.

There are also different types of rice in the world. The most common types of rice are brown basmati, white basmati, long grain brown, short grain brown, jasmine, sushi, long grain white, and wild.

Fun Fact – Did you know that rice is healthy for you. Well, mainly brown rice is. White rice compared to brown rice is full of starch and sugars. Therefore white rice isn’t really good for you. Brown rice still has the hull and bran which the white rice doesn’t. That is because white rice went through a refining process. Another fun fact: before white rice went through the refining process brown rice and white rice looked exactly the same.

Here are nine reasons why brown rice is healthier than white rice.
1. It is rich in selenium
2. It is high in manganese
3. It is rich in naturally-occurring oils
4. It promotes weight loss
5. It is considered whole grain
6. It is rich in anti-oxidants
7. It is high on fiber
8. It is a slow-release sugar
9. It is perfect baby food