Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

I understand that this is suppose to be a blog about peoples favorite dishes from their culture but this is a very serious matter. Have you ever noticed the difference in prices for healthy and unhealthy food? Well I have. Healthy food is very expensive compared to unhealthy food. Many wonder why other people’s sizes are rather large. They usually blame it on what they eat which is partially true. It may be due to what they can afford and the expense of living off of healthy food.

This diagram gives specific examples of the types of food that we eat and the prices for each. What we can take from this diagram is that it is more expensive to eat healthy. The blue is represented as what a healthy person would eat. The orange is represented as what an unhealthy person would eat. As shown on the diagram dried apricots are $2.97. A medium order of french fries from McDonald’s is $1.18. It may not seem like a drastic change but it is enough to make a person who can’t afford much to go for the cheapest thing on the menu.

Reasons for people being obese and overweight can’t be entirely because of what they eat. It is mainly on what they can afford to eat. You shouldn’t be paying more to live and eat healthy. I truly believe that this is unjust and should be changed.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

  1. You are so right lol. I never realized that people may be obese because they cant afford not to be. I always thought it was because they didn’t try to be healthy or because they just like to eat lots and lots of food. Now I’ll be able to feel a little sympathy for over weight people because its not always their fault.

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