Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

I understand that this is suppose to be a blog about peoples favorite dishes from their culture but this is a very serious matter. Have you ever noticed the difference in prices for healthy and unhealthy food? Well I have. Healthy food is very expensive compared to unhealthy food. Many wonder why other people’s sizes are rather large. They usually blame it on what they eat which is partially true. It may be due to what they can afford and the expense of living off of healthy food.

This diagram gives specific examples of the types of food that we eat and the prices for each. What we can take from this diagram is that it is more expensive to eat healthy. The blue is represented as what a healthy person would eat. The orange is represented as what an unhealthy person would eat. As shown on the diagram dried apricots are $2.97. A medium order of french fries from McDonald’s is $1.18. It may not seem like a drastic change but it is enough to make a person who can’t afford much to go for the cheapest thing on the menu.

Reasons for people being obese and overweight can’t be entirely because of what they eat. It is mainly on what they can afford to eat. You shouldn’t be paying more to live and eat healthy. I truly believe that this is unjust and should be changed.

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Something Sweet for the Holidays!!!

I’m responding to a request made by Sebastian Elk a blogger on WordPress. This blogger wanted me to do a blog on myself so I decided why not. Since we have holidays coming up this season I thought that you guys should try my favorite dessert and snack sweetbread from my country Trinidad and Tobago or mainly the Caribbean. It is the best treat for the holidays.

Sweetbread is very delicious, tasty, and not too ridiculously sweet. The proportion between sweet and not too sweet is perfect. If you know what I mean. Sweetbread consists of sugar, baking powder, either water or milk, vanilla essence, mixed peel, raisins, egg, flour, margarine, grated coconut, Angostura Bitters, cherries, and currants. The way that all of these ingredients come together and blend is amazing. You don’t just taste raisins in one part of the bread and coconut in another part.

The best part is watching it all come together. It’s as if your baking a regular bread but with ingredients other than water, flour, and egg. After all the ingredients are in the dough and baked you get the final product of sweetbread. It’s moist and soft around the bread. Inside of the bread you can feel the soft, warm, and squishy raisins and currants. There is a hint of the coconut shavings but it’s difficult to distinct all the other ingredients because they are blended so well together. The best way to top off this wonderful sweetbread is sugar. You just sprinkle some sugar on top of it and let it cool then you can dig into the the most wonderful thing you’ll ever eat in your life!!!

For the recipe for sweetbread here’s a link:

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PS – I advise you to take large pieces of the bread so you can have more before it’s done.


Chiles Rellenos

Karen’s favorite dish from Guatemala is Chiles Rellenos. It’s made out of bell peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables covered in whipped egg whites and fried. The meat and vegetables are a good combination with the egg whites. “It takes you to another world,” she says. The eggs are like cotton candy which makes it great. Karen recommends this to everyone. “You’ve gotta try it. It’s delicious!!!”

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Here’s a link for the Chile Relleno recipe: