Maja Blanca – Coconut Pudding

Miranda from the Philippines loves Maja Blanca. Also known as coconut pudding. Miranda says, ” The pudding texture is very sweet. The sweet corn overlaps the light flavor of the coconut.”   These are typically eaten during celebrations and holidays. For her it’s not. She eats Maja Blanca at either small get togethers or just to watch movies with her family.

There are different flavors such as purple yam pudding and pineapple maja blanca. Obviously it’s meant to be eaten with a spoon but, Miranda seems to love it with a fork. The Maja Blanca is made out of water, cornstarch, coconut milk, white sugar, fresh sweet corn kernels, and sweetened flaked coconut. Miranda says, “It’s very easy to make but if only I wasn’t lazy.”

‘”I would recommend this to everyone. It will be the best thing you ever ate!”

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